A "funny" story ... hard times ... I contain multitudes (Bob Dylan, 2020) #diasprolab

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A "funny" story ... hard times ... I contain multitudes (Bob Dylan, 2020) #diasprolab

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Dear friends,
time passes and I miss "more" our lost Focus on MIcroscopy in Japan. I think until next Spring it will be a hard decision thinking to attend meetings. I will miss freinds I could meet at the Varenna school on the Como lake, with the Italian Physical Society (SIF) we decided to postpone it one year. So, it is a "hard rain", however despite the circumstances I feel lucky and happy, the LAMBS core is around... Valentina, Davide, Paolo and Giuseppe ... on May 3rd we are planning to be back to the lab, small numbers... only for not procastinating activties.
In these days I had a nice virtual meeting with Caterina Balivo, an italian television presenter and freelance journalist, that gave me the possibility of talking about microscopy to an unusual large audience. Here is the link, it is in italian but there is some fun, i think, so in case you are looking for something different to spend your ...sunday at home, maybe you like it. The book i did is there but the idea of spending one hour without thinking about this situation...was great.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/caterinabalivoofficial/videos/2576400599265493/?v=2576400599265493

Hope to see you soon and not only virtually.
I have to thank all my current group for the way they are reacting. In the meanwhile, I am so happy to listen this new song by Bob Dylan... I contain multitudes, I think it is a great song again after the recent Murder most foul.
All the best

Alberto Diaspro
Dipartimento di Fisica, UNIGE
Dipartimento di Nanofisica, IIT