ABRF Survey on Institutional Responses to COVID 19 Crisis - Part II - Respond by August 31

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ABRF Survey on Institutional Responses to COVID 19 Crisis - Part II - Respond by August 31

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Good afternoon,

Shared research core facilities serve a crucial role in supporting research and training for their respective institutions. The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) is working to document and understand institutional responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic from shared resource core facilities perspectives. The goal is to create a resource to inform response and continuity planning for cores to sustain future emergencies. To this end we recently performed a survey of core facility Research Ramp-Down that occurred due to the pandemic.  Now we are reaching out to request that you assist us with the follow-up survey, which focuses upon the core facility Research Ramp-Up that followed relaxation of restrictions that had been imposed.

We would be grateful if you took a few moments of your time to provide us with your feedback by answering a few questions.  The survey should take approximately 11 minutes. Please feel free to share this survey with your institution (core facilities, shared resources, and administrators), colleagues, and any member societies you feel may be able to contribute voice to this survey. Results will be aggregated and data will be anonymized for further dissemination via manuscript and presentation at future meetings.

The results of the initial Ramp-Down survey are soon to be published, and we anticipate that the results of this survey will be similarly aggregated and disseminated as well.  Please note that all data will be anonymized for presentations and discussions within ABRF.


Please complete this survey https://bit.ly/ABRF-C19-II by Monday, August 31.


For additional resources on COVID-19 you can visit the ABRF COVID-19 page (https://abrf.org/abrf-covid-19-initiatives-and-resources) and https://abrf.org/ for updated resources as well as upcoming meetings.


Thank you & take care.


The ABRF Core Administrators Network Coordinating Committee (CAN-CC) - Institutional Responses to COVID 19 Task Force

    Ben Abrams - University of California, Santa Cruz
    Isabelle Girard – University of California, Davis
    Justine Kigenyi  - University of Kansas Medical Center
    DeLaine Larsen – University of California, San Francisco
    Sheenah Mische – New York University
    Desiree Porter - The University of Texas at San Antonio
    Josh Rappoport – Boston College
    Andrew Vinard (Chair) - University of Massachusetts - Amherst
    Nicole White - Cincinnati Children's Medical Center