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Alby - The bridge - a new paper by diasprolab

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in this COVID-19 time we had some things running well.
Since July 3rd we have our bridge again, a connection between Italy and the rest of the World and between East and West in our broken city. Problems around the bridge remained unsolved, this is bad.
Today, we have a paper publsihed about experiments that we were able to complete at the end of 2019. I think it could be of interest for our community.

Cozzolino, M., Bazzurro, V., Gatta, E. et al. Precise 3D modulation of electro-optical parameters during neurotransmitter uncaging experiments with neurons in vitro. Sci Rep 10, 13380 (2020).

link to the open access:

So, lets go ahed with research... taking care each other.
Please, use a mask, keep dsitances and wash your hands.

All the best

Alberto Diaspro
Dipartimento di Fisica, UNIGE
Dipartimento di Nanofisica, IIT