Aurox Conference on Microscopy - recordings available now

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Aurox Conference on Microscopy - recordings available now

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Hello Everyone

I hope you are all staying safe and well

Following the extraordinary success of the Aurox Conference on Microscopy
2020 online conference which attracted 1316 people over the 2 days of talks,
each person attending an average of 3 sessions, we are now able to release
the edited video replays of all the sessions through our Aurox Limited
YouTube channel.

Up to now, only a handful of the session video replays have been available
through our Webinar platform.  The unavailable replays said 'Session

This was because one or more speakers requested not to be recorded in that

We have now edited the sessions, to remove those talks and also any issues
which arose due to technical difficulties on the day.

I hope you enjoy re-watching the session replay videos and catching up on
any that you missed first time around.

Here is the link:

Due to scheduling issues, the talk from Kimmo Tanhuanpää entitled
3D Printing in a Light Microscopy Core Facility was not included in the live
conference, but has since been recorded offline and posted by Kimmo on

Finally, if your interest in Aurox and our products has been piqued by the
conference, please visit us at or email us at
[hidden email].

All the best

Dr Phillipa Timmins
Head of Sales

Aurox Ltd
Culham Science Centre
OX14 3DB

Tel: 07585 676763