BioImage Analyst position (in Core Facility) available in Melbourne Australia.

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BioImage Analyst position (in Core Facility) available in Melbourne Australia.

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*BioImage Analyst position (in Core Facility) available in Melbourne
Monash University's optical microscopy Core Facility, Monash Micro Imaging
(MMI), is looking for a BioImaging Analyst. The position will be
responsible for training and support of image processing and analysis, and
for assisting or collaborating with researchers in the biomedical and life
sciences. The BioImage Analyst will also provide assistance with/be
responsible for the administration of MMI analysis workstations and
software systems (Imaris, Huygens, FIJI/ImageJ etc).

For more details please refer to the advertisement and Position Description
after which further enquiries can be directed to Ian Harper (
[hidden email]) or Dr Keith Schulze ([hidden email]).

Application Closing Date: 31 March, 2017

MMI is located on the Clayton Campus of Monash University, Melbourne,
Australia, with two smaller Nodes on other Research campuses just 3 and 18
km away. Melbourne was ranked the most livable city in the world for the
6th consecutive year (Economist Intelligence Unit, 2016).

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