[Commercial Post] WEBINAR: Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging with Toggel FLIM System

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[Commercial Post] WEBINAR: Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging with Toggel FLIM System

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Dear All,

We are offering a webinar/online demo on Fluorescence Lifetime imaging with
Toggel FLIM System on *July 15, 2020 1 PM EDT*. Please see the webinar
details below.

This webinar will focus on the LIFA Toggel, a frequency-domain camera-based
FLIM system that performs fast and easy FLIM and FRET measurements. We will
present the LIFA software for FLIM and FRET datasets analysis.

What you will learn in this webinar:

   - What is lifetime and FLIM and why is it interesting?
   - Typical FLIM applications (pH or other probe sensing, FRET, …)
   - LIFA Toggel system overview, (Hardware & Software)
   - DEMO: Fluorescence lifetime imaging of convallaria

*Click the link below to register: *

For more information:

Best Regards,
*Nese Didem Temeltas, *
*Scientific Marketing and Sales Application Engineer, *
*MSc. in Biomedical Engineering*
*Axiom Optics/Imagine Optic Inc*
@Greentown Labs
444 Somerville Ave
Somerville MA 02145 USA
Mobile: (617) 545 39 13
Office: (617) 221 66 36

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easy buying options for, ultra-low noise CMOS cameras, microscope quality
control devices and many more.