[Commercial Post] Webinar Series for Fluorescent Microscope Quality Control

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[Commercial Post] Webinar Series for Fluorescent Microscope Quality Control

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Dear all,

Next week Argolight & Axiom Optics are hosting a webinar series: *Let’s
perform more QC in less time! *Those webinars will be conducted over two
days, on June 16 and June 18, both at 1:00 PM EDT.

This webinar series is addressing the need for quality control, which is
often perceived as important and/or mandatory, but also considered to be a
burden because of time and efforts requested. For many years now Argolight
have been tackling those issues so microscopy core facilities can perform
more QC in less time.

In those webinars we will review the solutions from Argolight, using the
Argo-POWER device and new Daybook 3 software for analysis and data
management, as followed:

We*binar #1 - Get to know your microscope *[June 16 @ 1.00 PM EDT]

   - Let’s discuss quality control: why? what ? and how?
   - DEMO: Assess the performances of your microscopes

*Webinar #2 - Make your QC workflow easier & faster *[June 18 @ 1.00 PM

   - DEMO: Case study
   - DEMO: Monitor the performance of your microscopes
   - New Daybook 3 Software overview

Click the link below to register:

Please contact Nese Didem Temeltas, [hidden email] for your
questions. More information can be found on our website
https://axiomoptics.com/events/webinar-series-quality-control-argolight/ .

Best Regards,
*Nese Didem Temeltas, *
*Scientific Marketing and Sales Application Engineer, *
*MSc. in Biomedical Engineering*
*Axiom Optics/Imagine Optic Inc*
@Greentown Labs
444 Somerville Ave
Somerville, MA 02143, USA
Mobile: (734) 882 9622

Visit our *Online Store* <https://axiom-optics.myshopify.com/> for fast &
easy buying options for, ultra-low noise CMOS cameras, microscope quality
control devices and many more.