**Commercial post** Upcoming webinars on Single Molecule Localization Microscopy by Abbelight

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**Commercial post** Upcoming webinars on Single Molecule Localization Microscopy by Abbelight

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Commercial Post:

Dear confocal list,

Abbelight continues its series of webinars focusing on inspiring developments and applications of Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM), below you will find the program for the upcoming weeks:

Tomorrow, Friday June 19th at 4:00 pm (Paris-CEST)
Pr. Dylan Owen from the University of Birmingham will talk about extracting biologically relevant, quantitative information from SMLM data with applications in immune cells. In the talk, Pr. Owen will overview his lab's work on developing a variety of software tools for describing biological structures from SMLM data and show how SMLM can answer biological questions without needing to generate images. The methods will be illustrated in immune cells where he seeks to understand the role protein spatial organization plays in the regulation of the T cell immunological synapse.

June 26th 4.00pm (Paris - CEST)
Pr. Markus Sauer from Julius Maximilian University W├╝rzburg will talk about the present, the future and the past of super-resolution microscopy by dSTORM. He will briefly introduce basic requirements of localization microscopy, its potential use for quantitative molecular imaging, and discuss present obstacles and ways to bypass them. He will demonstrate the advantageous use of single-molecule localization microscopy by dSTORM for  quantitative imaging of plasma membrane receptors and the molecular architecture of multiprotein complexes including imaging by 3D lattice-light-sheet dSTORM.

You can find the abstract & registration for the upcoming webinars by visiting our website:

These presentations will join the other amazing presentations from our previous guest speakers, the replays are available here:

We hope to see you at our webinars!
Stay SAFe!

Paul Barthelemy
Applications scientist
[hidden email]