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Commercial post: Webinar announcement: "Let's Talk About" episode 4

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Dear all,

I would like you to take notice of the fourth lecture in our webinar series “Let’s Talk About” organized by
Lectures in this series will have a scientific character with the focus on how-things-work and what-can-you-do-with-it.

This fourth episode of this series is called "Let's Talk About RCM". Since we got a lot of positive reactions on the first time we gave this general introduction, but also many reactions from researchers who missed the first time and would like to hear the basics of RCM, we decided to give this introduction lecture once more, now focusing more on the sensitivity aspect of RCM. After the lecture, my colleague Jeroen Kole will give a live demonstration of the basic techniques. Feel free to jump in and ask anything you would like to know about RCM!

Please feel free to jump in and ask anything you like to know about detectors and RCM in general. Last week we had a lot of questions during the seminar and demonstration but also a lively discussion between participants all over the world. So, come to the seminar and meet your colleagues in the field. It is great to see that the community of researchers who are enthusiastic about the RCM technology is growing fast.

Please register for our fourth “Let’s Talk About” webinar via the link:

Date/time:  Thursday 4th of June 2020, 10am CEST.

See you on Thursday !!
Kind regards, Erik Manders, CTO of