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Commercial post: inspiring Single Molecule Localization Webinars by Abbelight

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Dear confocal list,

After the success of our first 3 webinars focused on inspiring developments and various applications of Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM), I have the pleasure to present you our program for the upcoming weeks:

In one hour - May 15th 4.00pm (Paris - CEST)
Pr Michelle Peckham from the university of LEEDS and eminent member of the Royal Microscopy Society will present her use of Affimers, small non-antibody binding proteins, in confocal and super-resolution imaging and how she looks for patterns in super-resolution images.
(If you missed it you’ll be able to access it on Monday through the replay link bellow)

May 20th 4.00pm (Paris - CEST)
Pr Ulrike Endesfelder from the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology and LOWE Center for Synthetic Microbiology will provide a beginners guide on how to vamp up your wide field fluorescence microscope and sample preparations to single-molecule sensitivity, including many tips and tricks from her groups work. She will explain tools such as quantitative dual-color PALM imaging using dual fluorescent protein labeling in living cells, details of sample preparations like easy but precise drift correction by red-shifted beads or tracking of dense, highly dynamic single-molecule data.

May 29th 4.00pm (Paris - CEST)
Dr. Gregory Giannone & Dr. Olivier Rossier from the University of Bordeaux will talk about the inner life of integrin adhesion sites, from single molecules to functional macromolecular complexes.

These presentations will join the amazing presentations from Dr. Sandrine Lévêque-Fort, Adrien Mau and Dr. Christophe Leterrier that you can find in replay here:

These events will continue through June with none the less than Pr. Ricardo Henriques & Pr. Markus Sauer as invited speakers… Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter @abbelight!

You can find the abstract & registration for the upcoming webinars by visiting our website:

If you want to discuss how to implement SMLM in your lab, we are also organizing online workshops, for small groups and on a topic of your choice from sample prep to data analysis.
After the workshop, and when labs start reopening, participants will be able to send us their sample for a test and get their own nanoscopy images! If interested you can contact us directly at [hidden email]

Looking forward to host you for online science,
Stay SAFe!

Jean-Baptiste Marie
Founder & CEO
[hidden email]