Excellent Job Opportunities for Nonlinear Microscopy Enthusiasts at Junior and Highly Experienced Researcher Level

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Excellent Job Opportunities for Nonlinear Microscopy Enthusiasts at Junior and Highly Experienced Researcher Level

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Dear colleagues and friends!
there are two OPENINGS related to NONLINEAR Microscopy available at INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, Braga, PORTUGAL.

Candidates will work with standard and few cycle (<10fs) laser sources and collaborate with partners from academia, SMEs and industry from Portugal, the US and many other countries.
APPLICATION DEADLINE:  May 5th, 2020, 23:00 Lisbon Time for both positions.

Link to Job Offer: https://careers.inl.int/our-vacancies/?p=job%2Fo7jwcfwS
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LinkedIn Announcement: Dear HIGHLY EXPERIENCED NONLINEAR APPLICATIONS RESEARCHER with a PhD and min. 6 years of hands-on laboratory experience  - take the chance to apply for this opportunity - 4 years contract at cutting-edge International Research Organisation located in Portugal - become member of a  committed and interdisciplinary team of highly skilled and ambitious researchers and associate students - if you think you fit such team and like to work on ambitious projects in nonlinear optics in collaboration with the INL team, academia, SMEs and industry, alike? Then apply and check our website for additional information!  #INL #science #ultrafastlasers #femtosecond #lasers #microscopy #microfabrication #nonlinear nanoparticles #Portugal #ambitious
Link to Job Offer: https://careers.inl.int/our-vacancies/?p=job%2FoEjwcfwp
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LinkedIn Announcement: Are you interested in Experimental Research?! Building Novel Type of Microscopes, Understand the Interactions of Laser Pulses with Nonlinear Nanoparticles and Use such Effects to Better Understand The Cellular Origin of Disease and Efficacy of Novel Drug Formulations? APPLY IF YOU HAVE A MASTER DEGREE in relevant field (physics, biology, bioengineering, biomedical engineering and related ...) and if you want to be part of our interdisciplinary team at the Ultrafast Bio-and Nanophotoncis group at INL pushing microscopy to new limits! (The topic will allow for pursuing a PhD in case of interest)! #Research #Microscopy #Nonlinear #Nanomedicine #Lasers #Experiments #Team #UltrafastBioandNanophotonics INL -International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory #nanotechnology #software #Dataanalysis #devicecontrol #realtimeanalytics #nanotechnology

Thank you very much for forwarding this to skilled candidates that ideally gained working with custom nonlinear optical setups in your or collaborating labs.

Best regards,

Jana B. Nieder
Dr. rer. nat.

Group Leader of the Ultrafast Bio- and Nanophotonics Group/
Future Emerging Technologies (FET) Cluster - Deputy Coordinator/
Head of Nanophotonics and Bioimaging Corporate Facilities

An Intergovernmental Organisation (IGO)

Headquarters address:
Av. Mestre José Veiga s/n

4715-330 Braga – Portugal

T: + 351 253 140 112 – (ext: 2254)