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FW: New EMBL job opening: Euro-BioImaging Industry Board Coordinator

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From: Antje Keppler [mailto:[hidden email]]
Sent: Donnerstag, 16. April 2020 09:23
Subject: New EMBL job opening: Euro-BioImaging Industry Board Coordinator


For distribution - Thank you!



Dear All,


Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub at EMBL Heidelberg is looking for the Euro-BioImaging Industry Board (EBIB) Coordinator who will work in close collaboration with EBIB Chair and EBIB members located across Europe as well as with the Euro-BioImaging Hub Office.    

The Euro-BioImaging Industry Board (EBIB) is currently comprised of thirteen different companies across the imaging field. In the EBIB, all companies work together as a single, professional entity, setting their own goals in order to proactively drive the interaction between the imaging industry on the one hand and European researchers, funders and the imaging facilities linked with the European research infrastructure, Euro-BioImaging (eurobioimaging.eu <http://eurobioimaging.eu> ) on the other hand. In October 2019, the European Commission has officially established Euro-BioImaging – which provides life scientists with open access to a broad range of technologies and resources in biological and biomedical imaging – as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). The post holder will report to the Director Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub at EMBL and the EBIB Chair. The responsibilities of the position include among others:

·       Proactively seeking opportunities for EBIB members to engage and collaborate with Euro-BioImaging Nodes, users and national networks;

·       Representing the EBIB at international events in a professional and politically astute manner;

·       Strategically prepare and operationally manage EBIB-driven meetings and workshops to understand the needs of the imaging community;

·       Coordinating "One Voice" activities to the political community at national and European level (European Commission, Brussels) in order to increase the imaging market;

·       Developing communication tools and activities to boost EBIB’s visibility in order to increase the number of industry members and strengthen EBIB’s presence in the scientific and political landscape;

·       Keep up-to-date with imaging-associated initiatives and provide EBIB with tailored insight into European research trends and culture changes;

·       Coordinating industry participation in Euro-BioImaging EU-wide training programs;


If you are interested please find here <https://www.embl.de/jobs/searchjobs/index.php?ref=HD01734&newlang=1&pos%5B%5D=0&loc%5B%5D=0>  the complete job description and link for online submission of your application.

Please distribute also to your friends and colleagues, who might be interested in this job posting. Thank you!


Kind regards,






Antje Keppler, PhD


Interim Section Director

Euro-BioImaging Bio-Hub

Global BioImaging Coordinator

EMBL Meyerhofstr. 1, DE-69117 Heidelberg
Tel. +49 6221 387 8847


www.eurobioimaging.eu <http://www.eurobioimaging.eu>

www.globalbioimaging.org <http://www.globalbioimaging.org>