Feedback requested: Collaborative Standards for 3D BRAIN Microscopy

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Feedback requested: Collaborative Standards for 3D BRAIN Microscopy

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Dear all

The Brain Initiative 3D Microscopy Working Group (WG, <>) recognizes your expertise in microscopy and requests your feedback on proposed archival metadata standards. The WG has put significant effort into the development of these metadata standards. The expectation is that these metadata standards will be required for 3D microscopy datasets that are submitted to the Brain Image Library (BIL, <>).

The proposed archival metadata standards are intended to promote consistent representation of 3D brain microscopy data among BRAIN Initiative investigators and the larger neuroscience community.  Widespread adoption of these metadata standards will promote reuse of datasets,  facilitate evaluation of microscopy experiments, and enable development of computational tools.    

The archival metadata standards are the first of several community standards in support of 3D brain microscopy that will be proposed by the WG.  In the near future, standards to more fully describe 3D microscopy laboratory protocols will be presented to the community for feedback. Details for sharing BRAIN Initiative data and use of these standards can be found in the Notice of Data Sharing Policy for the BRAIN Initiative ( <>).

Co-Chairs Alex Ropelewski, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Jan Huisken, Morgridge Institute for Research, thank you on behalf of the BRAIN 3D Microscopy Working Group.  
We value your feedback on the proposed archival metadata standards.  More specifically, are they sufficient and easy to adopt? Please respond by May 12, 2020.

To provide feedback, please click here: <>

Thank you very much for your help!

Jan Huisken

Director of Medical Engineering
Lead Investigator of Multiscale Imaging
Morgridge Institute for Research
330 N Orchard St
Madison, WI 53715, USA <>