Imaging Specialist position at Harvard Medical School

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Imaging Specialist position at Harvard Medical School

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We are seeking an energetic and highly motivated individual for an opening as Imaging Specialist. The ideal candidate would be at the BSc/Master's level, with imaging experience in wide field and/or confocal microscopy and expertise in live and/or single molecule visualization interested in working with students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty doing research that requires generation of 'high end' and state-of-the-art light microscopy imaging data.


The goal is to enable researchers primarily working on host/pathogen interactions to make use of advanced imaging technologies in their research programs. He/she oversees the day-to-day operations and is responsible for maintaining the microscopes and computers, operating the microscopes, training users and providing hands-on help and assistance on an ongoing basis. Ability to communicate effectively with researchers with various knowledge levels in imaging technology, and aptitude and ability to troubleshoot are essential.


Please direct anybody interested in this position to my attention.




Tom Kirchhausen, Ph.D.

Professor in Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School

Senior Investigator, IDI (Immune Disease Institute)

Harvard Medical School/IDI

W. Alpert Building Room 128

200 Longwood Ave

Boston , MA 02115 USA



Office:                 617 278 3140

FAX:                     617 278 3131

Lab:                      617 278 3149

e-mail:                     [hidden email]