International 4-Day Hands-on Confocal Microscopy Course 2017

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International 4-Day Hands-on Confocal Microscopy Course 2017

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Please see information about our highly successful international 4-Day
 Intensive Hands-On Course. (14 years of 100% recommended feedback)

The course will run from the 5-8 September 2017, in the Bioscience Technology
Facility, University of York which is based in the welcoming, friendly and
historic city of York, which is one of the UK's best tourist hot-spots due
to its Roman, Viking, Medieval and current importance with buildings,
streets and museums to match.

Website: w*

The course includes many varied sample types that are used to best
illustrate various practical aspects of confocal microscopy whilst
also demonstrating
a range of applications.

100% recommended from over 330 previous delegates to date (comments at
bottom of email)

Instructors will include

Peter O'Toole, University of York
Joanne Marrison, University of York
Chris Power, Carl Zeiss
Andrew Hubbard, Andor

Tutorials and practical sessions will cover both basic and advanced
confocal microscopy.
The course will enable participants to realise the potential behind many
developing confocal techniques and realise the simplicity of applying the
techniques to a broad range of sample types and fluorescent labels. Both
novice and more experienced users welcome. This course is 100% recommended
from previous course delegates and comments can be seen below.

Preliminary Programme
Day 1: Basics, Familiarisation, x,y,z and multicolour imaging.
Day 2: Live-cell imaging with spinning disk confocal microscopy, FRAP on laser
scanning confocal.
Day 3: Advanced Techniques covering spectral unmixing and FRET with
fluorescent proteins.
Day 4: Super-resolution and other advances in confocal and associated
microscopy approahces. More samples to explore airy scanning approaches and
 confocal limits, and time for participants own samples.

Thursday evening will include a highlights talk on new developments and
course meal.

The course will utilise many different sample types ranging from cultured
monolayers to plant cells. A diverse range of fluorescent labels will also
be used, which will include various fluorescent proteins (CFP, GFP and YFP)
and classic antibody labels. Over the four days, at least four
confocal microscopes
(Zeiss LSM 710/780/880 Airyscan FAST on both an invert and upright
microscopes, Andor Dragonfly) will be utilised.

Accommodation (en-suite), breakfast and lunches will be provided for the
length of the course.  Evening meals will be provided on both Tuesday and
Thursday evenings.

Places are limited to 12 participants to permit full hands-on practice, so
please book early to avoid disappointment.
For further information, please visit the course website at:

or contact Marie Hughes 01904 328821, [hidden email]

Previous delegate comments:

"I really appreciated very much what all of you did last week.  It was
probably the best course I've ever been to."

"This was an awesome course covering all the basics and advanced confocal

"I will definitely recommend all our confocal users to do this course"

"Well delivered - fantastic course - helped me understand techniques and
theoretical principles which had previously given me a headache! Thank you"

"Tutors were excellent.  Very nice, helpful and knowledgeable.  One of the
most enjoyable courses I have been on"

"Small group work meant I had an opportunity to ask specific questions and
get a detailed answer"

"Most brilliant time I have had on a course!"

Latest Publication: R Suman et. al. 2016 (

Dr Peter O'Toole
Director of the Bioscience Technology Facility
Head of Imaging and Cytometry
Bioscience Technology Facility
Department of Biology (Area 15)
University of York
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