Issues with Pannoramic 250 Slide Loading

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Issues with Pannoramic 250 Slide Loading

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Hi Everyone!

I am having issues with my Pannoramic 250 iii (2014) from 3DHistech, I was hoping to get some help on.  
The way the system is designed for WSI, a loading arm pulls slides up from a cassette into the microscope where the actual scanning takes place.  The user then directs the area that the microscope scans via software on the computer.  However, there appears to be a miscommunication between these two currently.  When we tell the microscope to move to the "top" of the slide it moves to about the half-way point and if we tell it to move to the "bottom" of the slide the slide is moved out of the scanning area all together.  This only occurs on the top-bottom access.  The up and down movement still appears to be accurate.  When the microscope is off, the loading arm is "unlocked" and with some finagling you can manually move the arm in all 4 of the previous directions.  Testing this we determined that is physically capable of going to where the actual "top" of the slide would be, i.e. loading fulling back.  However when it is running it continues to misinterpret the location of the slide.  We’re not sure if it’s an issue with a sensor, or our loading arm (which has given us trouble in the past), or something maybe programmatic.  I was wondering if anyone on here had experienced a similar issue?  Or had other problems with loading on the pannoramic?

Thanks for your help!
Krysten Vance
PhD Candidate, Eppley Institute for Cancer Research
University of Nebraska Medical Center