Job: Postdoc in in Microscopy of Mitochondrial Copy-Number

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Job: Postdoc in in Microscopy of Mitochondrial Copy-Number

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PDRA in Microscopy of Mitochondrial Copy-Number

Closing date 14 September 2020
Applications are invited for a 2-year PostDoc joint between the labs of Patrick Chinnery (Cambridge Mitochondrial Biology Unit/Clinical Neuroscience) and Nick Jones (Imperial Maths) using microscopy to study the control of mitochondrial genome copy-number.

Cells control the copy-number of their mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) yet the process of this control has been poorly characterised. Through a combination of microscopy, image analysis and some flow-cytometry the appointee will attempt to understand and perturb this system. Beyond being of fundamental relevance to our biological understanding; the character of control of mtDNA defines the rate and manner in which mutant mtDNA expands through cellular populations. The expansion of mutant mtDNA is implicated in ageing: thus the project seeks to identify some of the basic mechanisms of ageing. The project is a close collaboration between two groups that both have a track record of working at the interface between experiment and theory and aligns with another PDRA and 2 PhDs joint between our groups.

Candidates might have backgrounds in quantitative biology/microscopy or experimental biological physics/biophysics. The core skills will be single-cell microscopy with some image analysis. The appointee will join the Centre for the Mathematics of Precision Healthcare, the Cambridge Mitochondrial Biology unit and a new subgrouping in Imperial Mathematics on Single Cell theory and data.

We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and value a supportive environment prioritising purposeful happiness. We anticipate an ~October 2020 start.

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