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Facility Manager (Plant Cellular Imaging)

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation seeks applications for a Facility
Manager to assist in the management of the day-to-day activities of the
Cellular Imaging Facility, a campus wide bio-imaging laboratory operated
by the Plant Biology Division. Appointment can begin November, 2007. The
successful candidate will work under the direction of Dr Elison
Blancaflor and will ensure that the microscopy equipment is efficiently
utilized and maintenance issues are effectively addressed. Duties
include: (1) Managing three confocal microscopes (Bio-Rad 1024, Leica
SP2 AOBS and Perkin Elmer ERS spinning disk) and one laser capture
micro-dissection system (Zeiss PALM): includes organizing their
schedules and recording daily usage. (2) Support research projects of
Foundation principal investigators by ensuring that the equipment
produces high quality images for analysis and publication through proper
and timely maintenance of equipment: includes close interaction with
microscope vendors. (3) Provide training and technical assistance to
postdoctoral fellows, research technicians and research collaborators on
equipment: includes collecting and disseminating microscopy procedures.
(4) Identify future needs of the imaging laboratory and assist in
developing user policies/procedures within the facility. (5) Assist in
yearly budgeting for the facility.
In addition to the above duties, the successful candidate is expected to
develop a research project that will utilize the microscopy equipment to
address fundamental questions in plant biology including research on the
plant cytoskeleton and plant hormone/lipid signaling. For more
information on the service and research activities of the lab visit our
website at:
Informal inquiries may be directed to Dr. Elison Blancaflor (email:
[hidden email])

Specific requirements:

* Ph.D. or postdoctoral training in Biology or Plant Cell Biology.
Experience in Plant Molecular Biology will be viewed favorably.
* Demonstrated experience and knowledge in transmitted light and
confocal microscopy including skill in individual instruction to
personnel on the use and applications of confocal and fluorescence
* Demonstrated knowledge of theory and practice of sample preparation
techniques including basic understanding of plant biological systems,
sectioning (for light and electron microscopy), and immunolabeling and
reporter protein tagging.
* Ability to organize and conduct imaging workshops, and willingness to
work effectively with researchers with diverse goals and experience.

Application Instructions: Applicants are requested to apply online by
completing the application and submitting a curriculum vitae (CV),
contact information for three references (excluding relatives), and a
cover letter explaining interest in the position and career goals. If
applicant does not have the ability to upload the additional documents
they can be faxed to (580) 224-6240 (please include position number),
but the application should be completed and submitted online.
Applications will be accepted until a candidate is hired. Interested
applicants should apply immediately.

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.
Human Resources Department
Position Number: PB-S085-272
P.O. Box 2180
Ardmore, OK 73402

Elison B. Blancaflor
Associate Professor
Plant Biology Division
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation
Ardmore, OK 73401
Phone: (580) 224-6687; lab (580)-224-6752
Fax: (580)-224-6692