NEUBIAS Academy Webinars: new events available

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NEUBIAS Academy Webinars: new events available

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Dear Bioimaging colleagues,

A week after the opening of the Academy and of the registrations, the first events are already full !
14-15 April: IJ/Fiji Macro Programming, online course. FULL (capacity: 100, >950 registrations!)
21 April: Introduction to Machine Learning and DeepImageJ. FULL (capacity: 500, >700 registrations!)
While these numbers make us happy with such shared enthusiasm about these events, they’re also pointing out that more than one event will be required to fulfill the demand !

Please find below some updates on the next events of the NEUBIAS Academy,
a growing list of confirmed events:

Now open to registration:
NEW, 23 April:    In Defence of Image Data and Analysis Integrity, by Kota Miura  
NEW, 28 April:    Introduction to nuclei segmentation with StarDist, by Martin Weigert et al  
NEW, 6 May:      GPU-Accelerated Image Processing with CLIJ2, by Robert Haase

Still open to registration, few seats left:
22 April:     Bioimage Analysis with Icy    
29 April:     Quantitative Pathology and Bioimage Analysis: QuPath v0.2.0
30 April:     Advanced Image Processing with MorphoLibJ    

If you registered too late, or you can’t follow on that day, don’t worry! The events will be recorded and available on our Youtube NEUBIAS Channel. Furthermore, a thread will be opened in the Forum to report Q&As and to welcome further questions/comments for each event.

You’ll find more information on

Please spread the word.
On behalf of the NEUBIAS Academy organization committee