NEUBIAS Academy starts up with live online training events

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NEUBIAS Academy starts up with live online training events

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Dear Bioimaging colleagues,

We are thrilled to announce the Opening of the NEUBIAS Academy

NEUBIAS Academy is a new initiative, aimed to provide sustainable material and activities focused on Training in Bioimage Analysis.

NEUBIAS Academy capitalizes on the success of NEUBIAS’ 15 Training Schools (2016-2020) that have supported over 400 trainees (Early Career Scientists, Facility Staff and Bioimage Analysts), but could not satisfy the high and increasing demand (almost 1000 applicants). A team of about 20 members will interact with a larger pool of hundreds of trainers, analysts and developers to bring knowledge and bleeding-edge updates to the community.

Where do we start?
NEUBIAS Academy @ Home: Online events

NEUBIAS aims to support the community with a new series of live online events targeting all levels of Bioimage Analysis Technology, with intensive activity to best serve the community during the currently challenging period of confinement:

- Live Online Courses will provide interactivity with the audience (e.g. exercises in virtual breakout rooms),
- Live Webinars will target a larger audience with specific topics, software tools, theoretical content or critical updates, from introductions to concepts to very advanced implementations. Questions and Answers will be moderated by experts. Webinars will be recorded and made available on Youtube NEUBIAS Channel, and a thread per event will be opened in the Forum to report Q&As and to welcome further questions/comments.

Starting list of confirmed events:
14-15 April:     IJ/Fiji Macro Programming, online course.         open for Registration !
21 April:          Introduction to Machine Learning and DeepImageJ      open for Registration !
22 April:          Bioimage Analysis with Icy                                 open for Registration !
29 April:          Quantitative Pathology and Bioimage Analysis: QuPath v0.2.0    
30 April:          Advanced Image Processing with MorphoLibJ

You’ll find more information on
Please spread the word
On behalf of the NEUBIAS Academy organisation committee