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OME-XML Release

Search the CONFOCAL archive at Hi All-

The OME Consortium is pleased to announce the release of our new resource for information about the OME Data Model.  The new site can be found at:

This site provides access to documentation, roadmaps, and source code and should help users and developers track the ongoing development of the OME-XML data model and provide a location where changes to the model can be proposed (just log in with username 'ome' and password 'ome'). The site also has details of the changes included in the June 2007 release of the XSD Schema.  This site is still evolving, so please come back often.

The OME project continues to update its resources, and this will mean some changes to our sites over the next coming months.  For now:

A published paper on the ideas behind OME-XML:
Up-to-date info on OME-XML:
Info on OME-TIFF, the OME-based open file format:
Info on Bio-Formats, the OME software library for reading >50 proprietary file formats:
General Info on OME:

Just to whet your appetite, we are working on a validator for OME-XML.  Look for more info in the next few weeks.

As always, we appreciate your support.



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