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OMERO Beta2.1 Release

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The OME Consortium is pleased to announce the release of OMERO Beta2.1. This release includes updates to the OMERO clients, OMERO.insight and OMERO.importer.  The major improvements:

OMERO.insight Beta2.1
This version includes the first release of client-based tools for image measurement and analysis.  Users can now draw regions of interest (ROI) and make intensity and area measurements. Some primitive graphing and visualization tools are included.  All measurements can be dumped to a local CSV file.  Note that ROIs are currently saved locally; saving of ROIs on the server is coming.

OMERO.importer Beta2.1
Added .lif file format (to other supported formats: .lsm, .dv, .nd. stk, .pic, .tiff.
If anyone has problems with any files that should import, please let us know (see  We are very interested in getting example files of all kinds.

Examples of these clients running will available at next week.

Please note: our Beta2 OMERO.server includes a known bug that makes the server slow down after heavy use of the image visualization functionality.  We have fixed this bug and are now testing.  An updated version of OMERO.server will be released in the next couple of weeks.  For the moment, a simple restart of the server fixes the problem.  Admittedly, not ideal; we'll get the fix out as soon as we are sure everything is OK.

As always, OMERO software is open source and available from the OME web site ( or from the OMERO Trac site (

You may want to check out what's coming at our roadmap pages at


For more about OME Consortium and our work, see

As always, thanks for your support.



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