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Policy for commercial posters

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To all--

As list manager for the confocal listserv, I think all of us greatly
value the contributions of our members who work in the private sector.
However, in the past we occasionally have had commercial postings that
have bordered on spam.  To avoid this problem, I ask all commercial
posters to abide by the following policy:

1)  You're welcome to post queries on the list.

2)  You're welcome to respond to queries or comments posted by other
list members.  In the course of doing so, you're welcome to mention your
organization's products, as long as it's relevant and brief.  If you
mention your company's products, please state in the subject line that
it's a commercial response, to keep things transparent.

3)  You're welcome to post links to announcements of web-seminars, etc,
as long as they'd be of interest to most members of the list.  Again,
please mention in the subject line that it's a commercial posting if you
do this.

4)  Please do NOT post product announcements as such.  However, you may
send a one-sentence announcement including a link to your web site.
Again, please mention in the subject line that it's a commercial posting.

If anyone has any questions about this policy or suggestions for its
improvement, let me know.  --This policy is re-posted periodically as a
reminder--my apologies to all of you who already know it by heart, and
my appreciation to all in the private sector who have been abiding by it


Martin Wessendorf

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