Post-doc: live cell imaging of gene regulation

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Post-doc: live cell imaging of gene regulation

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Dear All,
Please pass this on to any who might be interested in a post-doc using live imaging to study gene regulation during cell decision-making:

A Wellcome Trust funded Research Associate position is available in the
Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology at University College London
( The project will be carried out in the
laboratory of Dr Jonathan Chubb and will be for three years in the first
instance. The laboratory uses innovative imaging technologies to observe
the transcription firing of single genes in living cells (eLife 5:13051,
Curr.Biol. 16: 1018-25, PNAS 109:7350). Their goals are to understand
how transcription is regulated and integrated into robust cellular decisions in development and reprogramming/dedifferentiation.  

The project provides an excellent opportunity to start out and develop a
career niche in gene regulation and cellular decision-making. The Chubb
laboratory is embedded in a world-class working environment offering
remarkable opportunities for stimulating scientific exchange and
professional development.

Key Requirements

Candidates are expected to be scientists who have a PhD degree (or are
about to be awarded one) and a track record of research in a relevant
area of the life and/or physical sciences. Of particular interest are
applicants with a background in imaging and quantitative image analysis.  We would also be pleased to consider physicists and computer scientists with a strong pedigree in image analysis and modeling, and would train the relevant biology.

Further Details

For enquiries and further information about the post contact Dr Jonathan
Chubb ([hidden email]) and enquiries about the application process
should be directed to Ione Karney ([hidden email]).