RMS LM and Confocal Courses 2017

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RMS LM and Confocal Courses 2017

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Dear All

The RMS Light Microscopy Summer School is open for registrations for this summer’s course

The residential 2017 LM Summer School from the Royal Microscopical Society is taking place at the University of York from 16 – 19 July this summer.
As always, the Light Microscopy summer school will cover the principles of light microscopy and the practical issues surrounding light microscopy.
After introductory presentations, the course is taught predominantly through hands-on practical sessions.

This course is suitable for both novices and more experienced users wanting to gain a greater understanding of the microscope and feedback every year is always fantastic. Attendees came from a range of backgrounds in 2016, within both research and commercial organisations. All benefited greatly from the Course and left with increased understanding and skills.

To help attendees leave with the most relevant knowledge and experience, the course is split into two streams; fluorescence and materials. The programmes for both of these can be viewed online at www.rms.org.uk/lmschool  

Registration for the course, including 3 night’s accommodation and meals is just £1095 for RMS members and £1195 for non-members.

You can register and find out more about the Light Microscopy Summer School at www.rms.org.uk/lmschool

The course is immediately followed by a two day hands-on Confocal Course at the University of York - Getting the most from your Confocal

The  2 day annual confocal course utilises many different sample types and fluorescent probes (DNA stains, classic antibody labels and fluorescent proteins) which are chosen to best demonstrate particular problems and techniques. Focus is always on the techniques they enable and the problems they generate, which will be applicable to any sample types. The 2-days consist of short tutorials followed by hands-on practice.

You can register, view the programme and find out more about the Getting the Most from your Confocal Course at www.rms.org.uk/confocal