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Resolution App for iOS, Android and Kindle

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Dear Confocal list,

I'd like to invite users of iOS devices to download my Resolution app from the apple app store.

The app is an objective resolution calculator, a nyquist calculator and a teaching tool. It supports both fluorescence and transmission light paths.

The app is free and will work on devices running iOS 10.2 or later.

The name "Resolution" was not available to me on the app store, so the app is listed as "Microscope Resolution", not to be confused with another app of the same name for which there is a fee (I may change the name to something unique later).   Please use this link:

I've also updated the Android version, which now looks a bit slicker and includes Motic cameras as well as new cameras from Leica, Olympus, Nikon and Zeiss. It can be found here:

The same updates have been made to the Kindle version :

I've written this app in my spare time as a hobby so please forgive any imperfections.  I'm ready to implement any suggestions that you make.  There are some unobtrusive ads in the app, if you should click on an add you will be making a contribution towards the development costs of the app.

The iOS version has been designed for iPhones but will work on iPads. Apologies if the iPad version looks a bit clumsy.

I really hope that you find it useful and I'm looking forward to receiving your feedback. You can find contact details in the app.


Andrew Barlow