Senior Support Scientist position Diamond synchrotron UK.

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Senior Support Scientist position Diamond synchrotron UK.

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Hi Everyone,

This is slightly outside the usual position posted here but we have been
collaborating with them building a cryo-fluorescence imaging setup which
this post would also assist with.

We are seeking to recruit a Senior Support Scientist to join the B24
cryo X-ray tomography team.

The post holder is expected to help with the operation and development
of the beamline through contributing to user support, participation in
the in-house research and development programme and general
house-keeping tasks (instrument support, maintaining webpages and up
keep of beamline documentation).

The post holder is also expected to aid in the design, construction,
installation and commissioning of beamline modules.

Candidates should ideally have an excellent understanding of current
biomedical research requirements, experience in cellular microscopy
(preferably cryo-microscopy of biological samples) and be familiar
with synchrotron radiation beamlines. Experience in fluorescence
microscopy as well as life science research (tissue culture, sample
handling and processing) and logistics is desirable. Training will be
provided where necessary.

You can find further information at

This is a 2 year fixed full time post and the application deadline is
the 11th of June, 2017.