Support to publish articles in F1000R NEUBIAS Gateway, application deadline 15th July, 2020.

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Support to publish articles in F1000R NEUBIAS Gateway, application deadline 15th July, 2020.

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Dear all,

// not-for-profit disclaimer: NEUBIAS is a EU-funded COST Action, all its activities aim to support Bioimage Analysts and Bioimage analysis knowledge exchange.

As part of its final dissemination action, NEUBIAS supports the article publication charges on the recently created F1000R NEUBIAS Gateway
for a limited number of original articles presenting research results/methods/software on topics of bioimage analysis.

The F1000R NEUBIAS Gateway aims to fill an existing gap in the Bioimaging field by offering bioimage analysts and imaging scientists a Hub to publish methods and materials in Bioimage analysis, including articles, conference and training material.
Check the editorial here:

NEUBIAS will support publication of around 20 articles for the launch of the Gateway, distributed tentatively between Short Articles (up to 1000 words) and Medium Articles (up to 2500 words).
F1000Research is an Open Research publishing platform for scientists, with a transparent peer review process occurring AFTER publication,
hence NEUBIAS aims to support the costs of the publication, not to replace the peer review process that will unravel normally.

To apply to this call:
0) check more info here:
1) Fill this Form before the 15th of July, 2020:
2) Your proposal is evaluated by the Advisory Board of the Gateway. You will be notified on, or before, 1st of August, 2020.
3) Upon acceptance by the Advisory Board, and prior to the submission of your full manuscript, NEUBIAS will waive the publication charges in direct communication with F1000R. Full articles are expected to be submitted no later than the 30th of September.

Schedule overview:
15th of June: Call opened,
15th of July 2020: Call closes,
1st of August 2020: Notification of decision of NEUBIAS’s support,
August-September 2020: Accepted authors write and submit their contributions,
30th of September 2020: Deadline for submitting the full version of your article to the NEUBIAS F1000R gateway.

We hope many of you will consider the opportunity to contribute,
please contact us (e.g. through me by email) offline if you have any question

Best greetings,
on behalf of the F1000 NEUBIAS Gateway advisory board