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Virtual Light Microscopy Open Facilities Forum

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Virtual Light Microscopy Open Facilities Forum

Free and open to All:

This meeting will take place from 3pm-5pm BST, 10am-12pm ET

A joint meeting of the BioimagingUK and BINA networks organised by the RMS.

This is a second follow up meeting to the Virtual Light Microscopy Facility
Meeting to establish safe working practices in the COVID-19 era and the
Virtual Light Microscopy Open Facilities Forum which took place on 13th May
and the 10th June respectively.

Organisers: Peter O'Toole, Alison North, Claire Brown, Alex Sossick

This meeting will be an open forum and points for discussion will include:

In person training
Remote training
Full service work
Finances and budget

Latest Publications:
B-cell Zone Reticular Cell Microenvironments Shape CXCL13 Gradient
Formation - Nature Comms 2020 - preprint
Metastatic breast cancer cells induce altered microglial morphology &
electrical excitability in vivo -  Journal of Neuroinflammation 2020
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