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Webinar invitation | Service Requests: Facility Management Beyond Calendars

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Dear fellow scientists and researchers,
In order to learn and discuss the best practices for structuring services at core facilities, Agendo created a series of webinars with dissemination and discussion of important topics to increase the productivity of scientists and improve workflows.
So, we are excited to invite you to our next webinar, happening Monday, May 11th at 10 AM and 5:30 PM (GMT+1)!
To attend, please register here: https://www.agendo.science/webinars.html <https://www.agendo.science/webinars.html>

This time, the teaser is:  How to master service requests tools and streamline project management in Research environments?

Very often we see users entangled with work and, in many areas of expertise, facility managers can provide services that go far beyond resource scheduling and can help accelerate the production of results, optimising productivity and elevating the quality of the experiments. So it becomes important these services become well structured and easily accessible, without compromising data integrity and proper information flow. Because ensuring that both users and managers know exactly how to proceed is crucial to the simplicity and reliability of all workflows!

With this webinar we will be showing you nearly EVERYTHING you can do with your requesting system - not only as managers, but also as users! In the end, we’ll be there to assist you in a Q&A session.

Will you accept the challenge and take this opportunity to learn how to enhance request usage within your workflows and increase your productivity?

Hope to see you there!
All the best, and stay safe.

Cláudia Faria
Product Manager | AGENDO
www.agendo.science <http://www.agendo.science/>